The WorldWide Blues, Co. 
"W h e r e  H i s t o r y  M e e t s  A r t"
About Us

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the WorldWide Blues Company and the rare and unusual prints that we offer. 

This is the store "Where History Meets Art" and our collection of over 70 extraordinary prints and posters assures that there is something for everyone.  We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality prints of the finest and most interesting drawings from around the world.  

Why blueprints?  Many years ago, blueprinting was the only way that architects and engineers were able to make copies of their works.  Over time , new techniques were introduced and blueprinting became a lost art.  "Old Style" blueprints are almost never used and rarely seen these days, but they can remind us of another time in the past and allow us to view some magnificant drawings and designs we might otherwise never get to see.  

Webster's dictionary defines "Antique" as: "of a bygone style or time-old fashioned."  Our prints meet this definition and are also works of art.  The WorldWide Blues, Co. is still able to create these old style blueprints. Our engineers have reviewed the extensive collection of drawings in our archives and have selected the best ones to offer for sale.  All of our prints are current reproductions and most depict some subject from the last two hundred or more years and give us a special insight into those times.  

Our different size prints are favorites of designers and decorators to fit in almost anywhere in standard picture frames.  These blueprints are printed in deep cobalt blue with crisp white lines that highlight each delicate detail. Our brownline collection is printed in various shades of tan, brown, and sepia.  Our carbon black collection and our collection of motivational prints are both outstanding.  All prints will dazzle and delight you!

You will want to hang these prints in your home, office or beach house. We recommend that you frame them in glass to preserve their delicate surface just as they would be in any gallery or museum. 

Buy them for yourself or give them as gifts.  Enjoy them either way! 

Fred, Cory &
the WWB Staff!
Est. 1997