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"W h e r e  H i s t o r y  M e e t s  A r t"
Some of the most interesting drawings have been assembled and selected to assure the highest quality and variety of subject.  From Aerial Torpedo Bombs to Blimps, there's something for everyone.  The very earliest aircraft as well as historical and famous war planes provide a glimpse into aeronautical history!
Here's the Flying Machine also known as the June Bug.  An outstanding blueprint of a very unique Patent Office drawing filed 1911 by the Aerial Experiment Association or A.E.A. consisitng of Alexander Graham Bell, Glenn Curtiss, Thomas Selfridge (the first aviation airplane fatality), Casey Baldwin and Dougless Mccurdy.  This was the first plane to fly over one kilometer in distance.  Profile view with many interesting details.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"  $25.00  Item # P-113
Size 8.5"x11" $11.00 Item # P-113-B
The Sopwith Camel F.1, built in Britain was the most successful fighter plane of WW1.  It was responsible for shooting down more enemy aircraft than any other fighter at that time.  You may recognize this plane from the "Peanuts" cartoon which made it even more well known then it was.  Various views and important details are clearly shown in fine detail.  This is a superior print of one of the most famous biplanes developed by the British Sopwith Aviation Company during the First World War.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 20"x16"  $25.00 Item # P-117
Size 11"x8.5" $11.00 Item # P-117-B
The Sperry Aerial Torpedo was the first guided missle built in the United States.  This print is a striking reproduction of a 1916 drawing filed by Laurence Sperry with the US Patent Office.  The torpedo was tested off the coast of New York in Amityville, Long Island.  They were loaded with TNT and launched against various targets.  After a preset time the engines would stop and the plane would dive into the target and explode its TNT warhead.  This aircraft is a direct ancestor of the modern day cruise missle.  A profile view is presented along with some interesting details and sections.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 20"x16"  $25.00  Item # P-119
Size 11"x8.5" $11.00  Item # P-119-B
A beautiful blueprint of a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Two Seater Biplane.  The 1 1/2 Strutter was the first British aeroplane to go into action with a synchronized Vickers gun for use by the pilot.  This hangar mate to the Sopwith Camel and equally as famous, is an outstanding example of early 20th Century British aircraft development.  Hang it in your hangar!  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"  $25.00  Item # P-118
Size 8.5"x11" $11.00 Item # P-118-B
The famous Boeing B-17D flying Fortress of World War Two.  This was the plane that flew over Europe and the Pacific theaters and helped crush the Axis powers.  A fine blueprint and detailed drawing that is truely a collectors item.  Printed on our highest quality paper.  Hang this one in the war room!
Size 20"x16"  $25.00 Item # P-116
Size 11"x8.5" $11.00 Item # P-116-B
This print depicts five airships from the period 1900-1936 with profile views of each.  Shown under the central airship, the LZ 129 HINDENBURG is an inboard profile view of her gas cells.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"   $25.00  Item # SE-5
The Lockheed P-38.  Plan, profile and front views of various models.  A beautiful drawing of the highly regarded and remarkable LOCKHEED LIGHTNING, one of the most famous fighter planes of the Second World War.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 20"x16"  $25.00  Item # P-115
Size 11"x8.5" $11.00 Item # P-115-B
Enemy fighters at 2 o'clock! You'll never see these planes fly again, but don't miss this chance to own this extraordinary blueprint of five great WW2 fighters.  We see plan, profile and front views of the following planes: Japanese Kawanishi Nik2-J, Nakajima Ki-43, and a Mitsubishi J2M3 plus U.S. North American BT-9 and Lockheed F-80.  Printed o high quality paper a perfect gift to give yourself or to any collector, aviation enthusiast or that hard to satisfy individual
      Size 16"x20"   $25.00   Item # SE-1
Check out this amazing print.  It shows in great clarity and detail, a plan and front view of the Curtiss 1914 F-Boat Seaplane.  A collection of aircraft construction details is also shown along with important specifications and dimensions.  This wonderful aircraft, designed by the legendary Glenn Curtiss was crucial in advancing American seaplane development in the early 20th century.  This superior quality drawing was developed at the Curtiss Company's Engineering Design Department.  Printed on our highest quality paper this modern reproduction is ready for framing and makes a wonderful gift!
Size 20"x16"   $25.00   Item # P-114
Size 11"x8.5"   $11.00   Item # P-114-B
The Flying Machine
Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter
Sopwith Camel F.1
Boeing B-17D
Aerial Torpedo
Five WW-2 Fighter Planes
LZ 129 Hindenburg
Lockheed P-38
Curtiss Flying Seaplane 1914
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