The WorldWide Blues, Co.
   "W h e r e  H i s t o r y  M e e t s  A r t"
Questions & Answers

How do I place an order

Should you wish to send payment via U.S. mail.  Print our order form, fill it out and mail it to us with proper form of payment.   We accept  personal checks, bank checks, money orders or international money orders only.  All receive our usual priority attention.  Please be sure that total payment includes cost of print(s) plus flat rate shipping cost of $5.50 in the USA and $10.50 everywhere else.

Print Order Form:    

Mail to:

The WorldWide Blues Company
PO Box 480004
Delray Beach, FL 33448-0004 

How do you ship the prints?
Our prints are carefully packaged in sturdy mailing tubes and shipped via United States Postal Service.  
Are these real blueprints?
Yes they are.  These are real blueprints, not cheap copies or home-made drawings that many people are selling. We offer current reproductions of the finest and most outstanding drawings from around the world.    
Is there any special care that I need to take?
Yes! These are real blueprints and they are susceptable to scratching from fingernails and rough handling.  We do recommend that once you receive the print you frame it as soon as possible.  Keep them out of direct sunlight, and lift them by the corners or edges. We suggest  that you laminate them for classroom use where there would be much handling. 


Do you have a question that has not been answered?
E-mail us, don't be shy!  
As you view our prints simply click on "Add To Shopping Cart" icon.  Each print you select will be placed in a virtual shopping cart.  When you are finished shopping click on "view shopping cart" located on the left side of your screen.  You will then be directed to PayPal.  Don't have an account with PayPal? You can sign up it's free and secure!  
I'm a store owner and would like to offer your prints for sale 
Send us an email or drop us a letter.  Tell us about your store. We are always looking to make new friends!
When will my prints arrive?
Once your purchase is finalized and payment is received, your order is processed as soon as possible.  After your selection is checked for quality and appearance, it is then carefully packaged and sealed and shipped by U.S. Postal Service. 
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