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  "W h e r e  H i s t o r y  M e e t s  A r t"
Tanks have changed the art and science of warfare. We have acquired an outstanding variety of American, German, and British tank drawings and have selected the best ones to offer.  General George Patton would salute this collection.
Here is a piece of armored car history, the War Motor Car.  Cutaway profile view of the first heavy armored car fitted with steel plating and developed in 1902 by Simms and built by the famous Vickers Company.  All parts are identified and labeled.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"    $25.00  Item # T-5  
Here is one of our most popular prints. We can't keep enough in stock!  A stunning cutaway profile view of a German PV1, Tiger 1 Model E tank.  A World War Two classic printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"  $25.00 Item # P-135
Size 8.5"x11" $11.00 Item # P-135-B
A radiant blueprint of an unidentified U.S. tank from a drawing used for classroom training in combined front and side cutaway view  with over thirty parts identified.  Printed on our highest quality paper. 
Size 20"x16"   $25.00  Item # P-134
Size 11"x8.5"  $11.00  Item # P-134-B
A stylish and unique print of the U.S. M26 Medium Tank with 90mm. Gun.  This tank known as the PERSHING was a formidable opponent of German Tiger Tanks in World War Two. It went on to see more widespread service in Korea with Marine Corps and U.S. Army units.  A side cutaway elevation is presented with internal parts labeled and identified.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"   $25.00 Item # P-133
Size 8.5"x11"  $11.00 Item # P-133-B
"Achtung." The German PZ. Kpfw. Tiger , Model E tank.  front, side and rear elevations are shown with dimensions.  This print is made from a superior quality drawing and printed on our highest quality paper. 
Size 16"x20"  $25.00 Item # P-136
    Size 11"x8.5" $11.00  Item # P-136-B
1902 Armored Car
German PV1 Tiger 1 Tank
German PZ. Kpfw. Tiger Tank
US M26 Medium Tank
US Tank Parts-Instructional Print
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