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Art Nouveau
Our Art Nouveau collection offers a variety of outstanding drawings that are perfect examples of this decorative style of art and design.
Here is a lovely print of an all-time favorite. You can see the fairy-tale dreamlike ornamental style of art nouveau.  Poem reads, "Awake, O north wind, and come,thy south, blow upon my garden, that the spices therof may flow out"..." let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits."  The tan and sepia colors highlight each extraordinary detail.  Our best heavyweight paper has been used to make this beauty!
Size 18" x 24"      $25.00   Item # N-2 
This modern print is titled Nimphidia and the Muses but we call it Prince of the Forest.  It is one of the most outstanding drawings in our collection-with its exotic symbolism and rich images from mythology so typical of the art nouveau form.  Print is in striking earth tones of tan, brown, and sepia on our best heavyweight paper.
Size 18" x 24"     $25.00    Item # N-3
This dreamlike image is typical of the art nouveau style of this late 19th Century and early 20th Century art movement.  We are clearly shown the richly ornamental and asymetrical style that is fraught with symbolism, often of an erotic nature.  We are proud to offer this unusual reproduction made on our highest quality heavyweight paper and printed in earth tones of tan and sepia.
Size  18" x 24"      $25.00    Item # N-5
Lady with a Poem

Prince of the Forest
Goddess of the Garden
Mountain Nymphs
Wings of Summer
Water Babies
Here is a lovely drawing we call Mountain Nymphs for obvious reasons.  This exotic scene is a perfect example of the decorative art nouveau style.  We see plants, vines and leaves typical of this exotic design form. Color is in vivid earth tones of brown, sepia and tan which show each delicate detail.  Printed on our best heavyweight paper.
Size 18"x24"       $25.00    Item # N-4  

Look carefully and you'll see the title of this vivid and dazzling print is:
"Mrs.-Do-As-You-Would_Be-Done-By-And The Water Babies."
Drawn in the exotic and asymmetrical style of art nouveau it is printed in shades of brown, tan and sepia on our best heavyweight paper.  This is truely a decorators choice for all seasons!
Size 18"24"       $25.00   Item # N-1
Size 18"x24"       $25.00    Item # N-6 
Art nouveau was a decorative art movement centered in Western Europe.  It began in the 1880's as a reaction against historical emphasis of mid-19th century art, but did not survive World War 1.  Art nouveau originated in London and was known as Jugendstil in Germany and Modernismo in Spain.  Goddess of the Garden is a radiant and attractive print in the art nouveau style of twining plant tendrils and dreamlike symbolism.  Printed on our best heavyweight paper in earth tones of tan and brown
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