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"W h e r e  H i s t o r y  M e e t s  A r t"
Although bridges may be seen and used everyday, they are often not appreciated for their style and beauty.  Our samples of bridge art and design can be admired from close-up or at a distance.
Ten European suspension bridges showing each with profile views along with their names, dates, and dimensions.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size  20"x16"     $25.00     Item # R-1
The George Washington Bridge, New York, NY,  Here is a wonderful profile view of this amazing bridge and an elevation view of main tower with dimensions  shown.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size  20"x16"     $25.00   Item # R-2  
A wonderful drawing of the South 22nd Street Bridge at Brady Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Printed on our highest quality paper this 1896 view of the bridge and tower is stylish and pleasing.
Size  20"x16"    $25.00   Item # P-120
Size 11"x8.5"   $11.00   Item # P-120-B
A memorable blueprint showing a bridge over the River Thames, London, England.  We are indebted to 18th century British engineers for this exceptional drawing.  Since it was not possible to make blueprints at that time, we have produced this one in their honor!  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size  16"x20"    $25.00 Item # P-121
Size  8.5"x11"  $11.00  Item # P-121-B
European Suspension Bridges
George Washington Bridge, NY
South 22nd Street Bridge, Pittsburgh
Thames Bridge, London
Old Stone Bridge, Hertfordshire, England
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Plan and profile of an early stone bridge in Hertfordshire, England from the era of Georgian Architecture, the architecture of the British Isles during the reigns of the first four Georges (1714-1830).  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"     $25.00     Item # R-3
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