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Only the most outstanding drawings of buildings and structures, from churches to lighthouses have been selected to be included in this collection.  You don't have to be an architect to know a great drawing when you see one!
Here is a beautiful print of the oldest light tower in the United States, the Sandy Hook, New Jersey Lighthouse.  This octagonal tower was constructed in 1764 by Isaac Conro at the entrance to New York Harbor.  The light tower has survived the revolution as well as years of stormy weather.  This exclusive reproduction is printed on our highest quality paper and clearly shows a finely detailed elevation profile with dimensions.  A wonderful addition to your beach house.
Size  20"x16"    $25.00   Item # P-102
Size 11"x8.5"    $11.00   Item # P-102-B

St. Mary Le Bow Church located in Cheapside, London, England was rebuilt from 1670-1682 by architect Sir Christopher Wren followng the 1666 Great Fire in London.  The church takes its name from the bow arches in the Norman crypt of the church.  Also known as the Bow Church, its magnificant classical steeple was restored during 1952-1962 to repair damage suffered in 1941.  Made from a superior quality drawing, this print shows two elevation views and three interesting plan views.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 20"x16"    $25.00    Item # P-103
Size 11"x8.5"   $11.00    Item # P-103-B
Here comes the judge!  The finest Georgian Architectural Courthouse in the South, the Chowan County Courthouse located in Edenton, North Carolina.  Built  in 1767,  it is the oldest government building in the state as well as one of the most important public buildings from Colonial America.  We see a front elevation view with dimensions plus magnified views at the tower and louvres.  A stylish representation of a magnificent southern style courthouse.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size  20"x16"    $25.00   Item # P-104
Size  11"x8.5"   $11.00   Item # P-104-B
ALL ABOARD!  Here is the famous B & O Rail Road station in Point O' Rocks, Maryland, 1875.  An addition to the 1860's station at the junction of the Baltimore and Ohio main line and the Washington branch.  A front elevation view as well as first floor plan are presented.  Printed on our highest quality paper. Perfect for any collector.
Size 20"x16"    $25.00   Item # P-101
  Size 11"x8.5"   $11.00   Item # P-101-B
Here is a picturesque Italian style villa with a lively, irregular silhouette of the Mills-Stebbins house located in Springfield, Massachusetts circa 1849.  Print shows front elevation views and the first floor plan.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 20"x16"     $25.00  Item # P-100
Size 11"x8.5"    $11.00  Item # P-100-B
"Windmuhle" as they say in Germany and HollandPresented is a profile view of a Tower-Mill, elevation view of a Smock-Mill, and a cutaway view of a Post-Mill.  A very unusual print for special collectors.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"      $25.00       Item # M-1
The Walter Gresham House, Galveston, Texas 1886-1893.  This lovely home is in the French Medievil style and abounds with towers and turrets.   Constructed of pink and blue Texas granite, white limestone, and red sandstone it is still a model studied by architects and designers.  Front view and first floor plan.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size  20"x16"    $25.00   Item # B-1
Here is a print rich in history.  The Hotel Invalides was created in 1670 and construction was carried out by Liberal Bruant and finished in 1676.  The Invalides were organized under Louis XIV to come to the aid of old soldiers who had been forced into panhandling or subsiding on church charity.  It quickly became a home to a number of wounded soldiers.  The dome of the church is the work of Jules Hardouin-Monsart, and is a perfect symbol of the splendor Louis XIV wanted under his reign.  Many flags that were stolen from the enemy were hung inside the church as decoration.  Made from a superior quality drawing, this reproduction is printed on our highest quality paper and ready for faming.

Size 20"x16"     $25.00    Item # SE-2
Hotel Invalides
B & O Rail Road Station House
Old Southern Courthouse 1767.
Bow-Steeple, England
Gresham House, Texas
New England Mansion 1849
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Size 11"x8.5"    $11.00   Item # B-1-B.
A House in Trittenham
An extraordinary blueprint made from an architect's  drawing of a house in Trittenham, England near the River Thames in Middlesex.  An outstanding example of Georgian Architecture, the architecture of the British Isles during the reigns of the first four Georges (1714-1830).  Two elevation views and plan views of three different floors.  A collectors print made on the highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"    $25.00  Item # C-101
Size 8.5"x11"  $11.00   Item # C-101-B
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