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"W h e r e  H i s t o r y  M e e t s  A r t"
Anyone who owns a car or is interested in their historical development over the years will find our collection of prints outstanding and will appreciate the variety that is offered. You will be amazed at some of the details on these machines.
An outstanding reproduction of an 1895 US Patent Office drawing for the G.B. Selden Road Engine.  George Selden filed the first patent for an internal-combustion-powered automobile in 1879.  Profile and plan views are carefully detailed.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size  20"x16"    $25.00  Item # P-106
Size  11"x8.5"   $11.00  Item # P-106-B
Here is an imaginative design concept for three proposed classic cars.  This beautiful drawing ideally represents general automobile design trends in mid 20th Century America.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 20"x16"    $25.00  Item # P-107
The unforgetable 1910 Ford Model T Touring Car.  A wonderful drawing of a cutaway side elevation showing internal features.  There are over seventy-five parts that are identified and labeled.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"    $25.00  Item # P-105
Size 8.5"x11"   $11.00  Item # P-105-B
The classic Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow with a cutaway view of chassis and undercarriage.  Any collector will be pleased to own this striking and unusual drawing.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"      $25.00    Item # C-1
The Bentley MK. V1. with a finely detailed cutaway view of the chasis.  An outstanding print for any auto enthusiast or collector.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"      $25.00    Item # C-5
This print depicts the Liverpool, England, Steam Cart of 1901, Karl Benz's first car of 1886 and a stylized concept of a proposed classic car.  A wonderful print showing a variety of type, model, and vintage of cars.  Printed on our highest quality paper. 
Size   16"x20"     $25.00    Item # M-5 
Selden Road Engine, 1895
Classic Cars
Bentley MK. V1
Ford Model T
Original Cars
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Size 11"x8.5"   $11.00  Item # P-107-B
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