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" W h e r e  H i s t o r y  M e e t s  A r t"
Classic Motorcycles &
A unique set of prints that span a period of over one hundred years, but still portray themes of interest, even today!  'Bikes" will always be popular.

"Lets Roll"

WoW! Look what we have!  This extraordinary blueprint is timeless.  Clearly shown in precise detail is a young rider on his cycle charging right off the print urging us to "Lets Roll-U.S.A."  Popular lyrics from "America the Beautiful" plus Old Glory, proud and still flying, help complete this special historical image.  This print is ours alone and printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"       $25.00    Item # A-1 
Bright Star Motorcycle

You will be a star and your own star will shine when you unpack our extraordinary Bright Star blueprint.  This superior quality drawing clearly shows in fine detail, two cycles within a ring of luminous heavenly bodies along with stylish designer corner insets.  Our exclusive print! Printed on our highest quality paper
Size 16"x20"      $25.00     Item # A-2
( *ATTENTION- PLEASE NOTE* ) - THE BLUE and WHITE DRAWING THAT YOU SEE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN BLACK and WHITE ONLY.!! IT IS MORE STRIKING AND BEAUTIFUL IN THESE NEW TONES AND ALLOWS FOR MORE VARIETY IN FRAMING AND ROOM LOCATION. GET OUT YOUR OLD TRAINING WHEELS AND CHECK OUT THIS PRINT! This wonderful early bicycle print has been made from an outstanding and impressive drawing filed with the U.S. Patent Office in 1894 by R.J. Gatling. That's right- the prolific inventor most remembered for his unrivaled development of the famous "Gatling Gun". Shown in fine clarity and detail, it is an extraordinary profile view of this unique bicycle. This unusual modern reproduction print is 16" x 20" and printed in elegant deep black with sharp white lines. It is perfect for framing within any standard frame. A perfect gift to give to yourself or to any cycling enthusiast or that hard to satisfy individual. A print which is sure to strike up a conversation!

Size 20"x16"   $25.00  Item # P-112
Size 11"x8.6"  $11.00  Item # P-112-B
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You'll have pleasant dreams when you hang this beautiful print.  Made from a superior drawing, it is rich in the dreamlike exotic images typical of the Art Nouveau style.  The extraordinary dream scene along with the two outstanding motorcycle drawings, combine to make this a very unique and unusual print.  Printed on our highest quality paper.   
Size 16"x20"   $25.00  Item # A-3
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