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Unusual Maps
Our collection of very unique and sometimes outrageous maps is ours alone.  They have been created to educate and to entertain and are not available elsewhere.  Treat yourself to a different view of the world.
Bada Bing! Mafia Island, located off the coast of East Africa is clearly shown in this beautiful map, along with adjacent territories.  Although this island has no connection to La Cosa Nostra and is not home to the Godfather, the "chopper' or Thompson Submachine Gun adds a special touch to this uncommon map.  Any Good Fella would be proud to have this masterpiece.  "And they don't gotta steal it!" Printed on our best heavyweight paper in tones of tan and sepia.
Size 18"x24"    $25.00    Item # MP-5
This uncommon and remarkable map shows in great clarity and detail, the eleven states of the Confederacy during the period 1861-1865.  The South may not rise again but this print will raise your spirits!  The Stars and Bars Confederate flag is torn and tattered but we still see it flyng over Texas and the entire South.  Neighboring states are also shown and identified.  A real prize for anyone interested in Civil War history.  Printed on our best heavyweight paper in striking earth tones.
Size 18"x24"    $25.00   Item # MP-2  
Drawn to precise scale and detail, this map clearly shows the Australian, British, French Southern and Ross Dependency areas of Antarctica along with other important features.  Also shown are two of your friendly neighborhood Wind Gods just doing their job.  A fine print suitable for any room in your home or backyard igloo!  Printed on our best heavyweight paper in brown, tan and sepia tones.
Size 18"x24'    $25.00    Item # MP-4
In this fine detailed drawing we can see the Russian Empire as it existed before World War One.  Surrounding countries and other geographical features are shown and make this uncommon map a prize for any collector.  The infamous hammer and sickle emblem can be clearly seen to help identify this historic area.  Printed on our best heavyweight paper in tan, brown and sepia.
Size 18"x24"     $25.00   Item # MP-6
This area of great historical signifcance and controversy makes this map especially interesting.  Finely drawn details plus those amazing and mysterious Hands Of Time that we see, help give us a glimpse into the distant past.  Historic areas are clearly shown and identified.  A beautiful modern reproduction that can be displayed anywere.  Highest grade heavyweight paper is used to assure no fading. Various shades of brown, tan and sepia.
Size 24"x18"    $25.00   Item # MP-1
One of our most popular prints!  This outrageous drawing shows with great clarity and detail, Rattlesnake Island in Lake Erie, Ohio.  Surrounding cities in Michigan and New York State are shown and labeled and a portrait of a current inhabitant can be clearly seen.  This beautiful print is  on our best heavyweight paper in tones of brown and sepia.
Size 24"x18"    $25.00    Item # MP-3
In this outstanding and attractive map, the North American Continent is shown along with many important cities and other features.  Old Glory can be seen waving her Stars and Stripes over the USA.  This fine drawing is sure to please anyone who appreciates details and cartography.  Printed in brown, tan and sepia on our best heavyweight paper.
Size 18"x24"     $25.00    Item # MP-7
Mafia Island
Confederate States of America
Palestine at the time of Christ
Russian Empire
North America
Rattlesnake Island
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