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Ships and Boats
From the earliest times, ships and boats have played important roles in the development of civilizations and cultures.  They have been used for exploration, trade, warfare and pleasure.  Our ship and boat collection spans the ages and provides a choice for everyone.  You won't see drawings like these anywhere else!
Here is a beautiful blueprint of a profile and sail plan of a late 18th Century Sailing Ship showing all of her sails identified and labeled. This dazzling and unusual print is printed on our highest quality paper.  A wonderful addition for any room in your home, office or beach house!
Size 16"x20"   $25.00  Item # P-124
Size 8.5"x11"  $11.00  Item # P-124-B
The White Star Liner TITANIC.  The most famous of all the great steamships, her tale is both legendary and tragic.  Keel laid March 31, 1909 and demise April 14, 1912.  A spectacular print allowing us to see her famous profile and three different deck plans.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"     $25.00  Item # P-130
Size 8.5"x11"    $11.00  Item  P-130-B
This modern reproduction blueprint  of a drawing from the design department of a Polish shipbuilding company clearly shows this B-17 type Drifter-Trawler.  A profile view and plan views of her main deck and hold are outstanding and precisely drawn.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"   $25.00  Item # P-122
Size 11"x8.5"  $11.00  Item # P-122-B
The British battle cruiser H.M.S. HOOD. Launched August 1918, completed March 1920 and sunk May 1941, early in the Second World War, by the German battleships Km Bismarck and KM Prinz Eugen at the Denmark Straits.  Of the Hoods compliment of 1,419 men, only three were rescued.  In this outstanding print we see this brave, intrepid ship in a partially shaded inboard profile view along with two shaded plan views.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
Size 16"x20"   $25.00   Item # P-128
Size 8.5"x11"   $11.00  Item # P-128-B
The U.S.S. OREGON, the "Bulldog of the Navy," built in 1891 and the most powerful battleship of her time, She served with distinction for many years.  Profile view and cutaway deck plan.  Her six gun turrets and rotation angles are precisely drawn and clearly seen.  Printed on our highest quality paper. Hang this one in the war room!
Size 16"x20"   $25.00   Item # P-132
Size 8.5"x11"  $11.00  Item # P-132-B
This print, titled FISHING BOAT, presents an inboard profile view, two deck plans and some wonderful details of a Spanish fishing vessel.  This type of ship was reliable and seaworthy and a favorite of the Spanish fishing fleet.  A very attractive drawing suitable for any room.  Printed on highest quality paper.
Size 20"x16"   $25.00  Item # P-125
Size 11"x8.5"  $11.00  Item # P-125-B
Anyone who lives along the East Coast of the United States is familiar with this classic boat!  From dawn 'till dusk this boat would glide by while fishermen would load up on clams, crabs, and lobsters.  This amazing detailed print shows an inboard profile view and deck framing plan.  Construction details not evident in a completed vessel and normally not seen by most people, are precisely shown in this vivid drawing.  Made from a superior quality drawing, this one is ready for framing.  Printed on our best paper
Size 16"x20"    $25.00 Item # P-126
Size 8.5"x11"  $11.00  Item # P-126-B
Here's a classic piece of naval history-the U.S.S. MONTEREY, an 1889 Monitor class warship.  This is the ship that Captain Charles C. Clark commanded before assuming command of the U.S.S. OREGON.  This ship operated along the West Coast of the U.S. during the 1890's and was sent to the Philippines to serve in the Spanish-American War.  Later she served in China to patrol the waters off Shanghai.  Profile and cutaway plan views are presented in this rare and accurate drawing.  Also seen are her two gun turrets with rotation angles clearly noted.  This imposing print is an excellent example of late 19th century naval craft and combat capability.  Printed on our highest quality paper.
   Size 16"x20"   $25.00  Item # P-129
   Size 8.5"x11"  $11.00  Item # P-129-B
Here is the gallant and historic British warship H.M.S. ACHILLES.  The name Achilles has been used for British warships since 1744 and is associated with the capture of St. Florentine in 1759 and the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  In 1863 a First-Class cuiser was launched and named Achilles.  In this drawing you can see her profile view plus three plan views indicating original armaments of 1864 and re-armaments of 1868 and 1874.  Printed on our best paper.
Size 16"x20"   $25.00   Item # P-123
Size 11"x8.5"  $11.00   Item # P-123-B
AHOY MATE!  This wonderful blueprint has been made from an exceptional and outstanding drawing straight from the design room of a master boat builder and gives us some idea of the complex art and science involved in this industry.  An inboard profile view and cutaway view allow us to view some extraordinary construction details that are labeled with dimensions.  Printed on our highest quality paper.  A wonderful gift for any boater!
Size 16"x20"   $25.00  Item # P-127
Size 8.5"x11"  $11.00  Item # P-127-B
The Cunard Liner Queen Mary.  Launched in 1936 after six years of construction, she served with distinction during the Second World War and later resumed her role as a renowned luxury liner.  A glorious print highlighting an inboard elevation view and plans of her top four decks.  Printed on our highest quality paper. *Please note the blue and white drawing that you see above is now only available in black and white. It is more striking and beautiful in these new tones and allows for more variety in framing and room location.
Size 16"x20"   $25.00  Item # P-131
   Size 11"x8.5"  $11.00  Item # P-131-B
18th Century Ship
White Star Liner Titanic
Fishing Trawler
U.S.S. Oregon
U.S.S. Monterey
25 Ft. Open Fishing Boat
Spanish Fishing Boat
H.M.S. Achilles
35 Ft. Power Cruiser
Queen Mary
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